Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Charlie!!

Sweet Charlie came into the world three years ago today....we had a blast celebrating him all day long! Since we had a party with all Charlie and Madeline's little friends a few weeks ago (just in case we had to move before their real birthdays), today we celebrated as a family. Rob took a day off work, and Madeline played hooky from school. Charlie woke up to an eight foot Lightening McQueen happy birthday banner. We promptly went out for, yep, you guessed it....Krispy Kreme donuts, Charlie's favorite! While we waited in line, another dad who was there with his kids asked if Charlie was having a birthday -- I thought he was psychic until I realized Charlie was clutching his birthday candle, shaped like a number three.

Then we all went to the Franklin Fire Station! Firefighters Alex and Rodney were fabulous! They turned on the lights, and let Madeline and Charlie climb all over the trucks. But I literally thought Charlie had died and gone to heaven when Mr. Alex told Charlie he was a junior firefighter and asked if anyone could help him with a "little fire" out front. He had hooked up hose and let Madeline and Charlie spray the grass. Madeline was so generous -- she loved making Charlie feel the center of attention.

On to Chickfila for lunch, a hearty nap, and then a special trip to the grocery store to pick out his birthday Mylar -- the sheer joy on his face as he ran around Kroger with the trailing balloon was priceless.

After dinner, Charlie decorated his birthday cake with Lightening McQueen sprinkles and opened presents in front of the fire. "This is awesome!" he would say every time he opened a gift. As I tucked him into bed and finished reading him one of his new Lightening McQueen books, Charlie said, "That was a big day. I'm tired!" But almost two hours later, we could still hear him happily chattering and playing in his room...
Krispy Kreme!