Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Settling into Life with Three

Life is busier than ever, and it just keeps charging forward. Case in point...I started this blog post five weeks ago. We've had a wonderful month. Sweet John is smiling and cooing like crazy now! And we had amazing visits from each of my sisters and from Ning (more on those...). Now that John is nine weeks old, we're getting a little more rest (a four hour stretch makes me feel like Rip Van Winkle) and we're back in our routine, filling each day with playdates, bike riding, art projects and errands.

I remember my cold fear, then absolute exhilaration, the first time I went grocery shopping with two kids after Charlie was born. So I was surprised by how easy it was to load all three kids into the car and head to Publix. I guess I'm more seasoned, accustomed to chaos, or maybe just less intimated by the prospect of ditching a full cart to head home if need be. Our trip was as smooth and a total sucess. But maybe that depends on who's measuring. Madeline wasn't wearing a stitch except her bathing suit with a mop of uncombed hair and Charlie still had breakfast all over his face. Plus I happily let both of them eat the free bakery cookie at 7:45am (and sort of wanted one myself; nursing makes me hungrier than a wildebeest). John is so relaxed, he's just happy I remembered to bring him along.

John's a little party animal. In his first three weeks of life, he hit three birthday parties, a fireworks display and was the guest of honor at his own soiree. And thanks to Madeline's swimming lessons, we've packed it up and headed to the pool a couple times a week in the hot Tennessee sun.

It's a joy to see Madeline so confident and self-assured in the water; she has matured since her lessons last year when she didn't want to put her head under the water or leave my side. Now she's so excited that she starts yelling hello to her instructor from the parking lot before we even get into the pool area. What makes me the proudest is how hard she worked with Coach Catie, who suggested that Madeline join the neighborhood swim team next year! (I'm sure she probably recommends everyone, but my heart still swelled for her). Madeline can't wait to start Pre-K three days a week this fall, and is looking forward to playing on a soccer team next month. Rob is her assistant coach!
Charlie has come into his own hilarious little personality and is brimming with imagination, pretending to blast off in a spaceship, save jungle animals with his imaginary rescue rope (a la Diego), put out fires and save titty-tats (his words, not mine) from trees.

He also loves sports, playing imaginary golf, football and baseball nonstop -- he makes me pretend to pitch curve balls, then chimes in as umpire yelling, "Yoooooou're out!" For a kid who was silent for two years, he's exploding with stuff to say, and enunciates his words so forcefully that it's comical. He's so happy when he's with other kids; on our way to a birthday party this weekend, he said, "I love my friends sooooo much!"

Life is good. Busy.... But really good.