Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas is Coming

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind, as they are for everyone this time of year! We picked out our Christmas tree last weekend and decorated it Sunday night with Andi and Kyle while listening to Christmas carols and eating pizza. As you can see, the tree is completely crooked. I guess that's what $15.99 gets you at Lowe's. But we love it.

Decorating has been very special this year. I pulled out all my mom's Christmas decorations -- the Swedish ornaments, gorgeous wreaths, Santas, snowmen and white lights -- she loved Christmas!! -- so I see her and feel her everywhere I look.

This time of year is wonderful....and jam packed with parties, festivities, shopping and planning. We've been spending as much time as possible with my Dad and Nancy -- they leave for a 10-day cruise this week (a vacation that was scheduled back in March), then they're back just in time to celebrate Christmas before they take off for their three-year assignment in Beijing. And during Madeline's naps -- time I would normally spend updating my blog and taking care of the "business" of life (which, by the way, includes taking a shower!) -- I've been madly Christmas shopping online, writing Christmas cards and planning the Wiebmer/Vlach extravaganza in Peoria. Sorry to everyone whose emails may have gone unanswered!

So the newest thing with Madeline is that she growls like Maple. They both go nuts when our UPS delivery lady comes to the door. Madeline's guttural sounds aren't exactly directed at people like Maple's are, but they're intimidating enough that strangers look distressed when they hear it in the grocery store.

She is also "pulling up" on everything in sight. Her technique is to launch her little body forward a good distance out from whatever object she's pulling up on. Then she walks her legs in with her behind in the air.

We're just having fun getting ready for Christmas. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe wherever you are!

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