Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Madeline's First Birthday Party!

Madeline is officially a party girl! She had a blast at her monkey themed birthday party this past weekend with her friends Ellie, Quinton, Ella, Claire, Emma, Gino and Lauren. She shrieks with delight when she's around other children! It's incredible to see that much joy.

There were twenty pounds of bananas and stuffed monkeys hanging from chandeliers and popping out of cabinets. The older kids decorated bananas with googly eyes and pipe cleaners and colored in coloring books (Madeline observed while chewing on crayons). We all drank Jungle Juice and ate Monkey chow, banana ice-cream and my personal coup d'etat -- real homemade (a first!) Martha Stewart monkey cakes -- including a mini-one for Madeline, which she decimated. That's my girl!

We decided to keep the party small so that it wouldn't feel overwhelming for Madeline (though that was hard for me, since I like to invite everyone I've ever known!). It was the perfect size and a very special day.

The best part is.....the celebrating continues! Rob's family is coming down this Sunday, and then at the end of March, we'll celebrate with my dad and grandparents during their visit from China and Arkansas, respectively. Madeline's real birthday is Wednesday, March 19, but I'm already teaching her the fine art of stretching the party out as long as possible....

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