Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring at Last?

We spent almost the entire day outdoors yesterday. You know that strange, wonderful feeling when your arm hair ruffles in the wind for the first time? The warm sun on your shoulders after six months of bone-chilling cold is like taking a deep breath when you've been underwater too long.

Aunt Andi, Madeline and I walked all over Bradley campus, stopping to eat a slice of Chicago style pizza outdoors, and strolling with frozen yogurt on the way home. Now if that doesn't make you happy, I just don't know what does. We got home and put Madeline down for a nap....and when she woke, she and I went out for two more walks -- with Maple and later with Rob in the park. Even that wasn't enough -- Andi and I went for a run in the early evening. I noticed freckles on my nose this morning!

On Monday night, Madeline, Ning and I went to visit Sister Diane, who lives in a convent with other sisters only about a mile from our house. Sister Diane is an important person in Ning's life, and so it meant a lot to us to meet her. She was lovely, welcoming and kind. The next morning, Madeline was "playing nun" with a dress on her head.

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