Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bye Bye Book Club

Last night, my book club -- a lovely group of women who have become friends -- planned a good-bye dinner for me at a swanky restaurant called Seven (food from all the continents). We've been getting together for six months, reading diligently and actually discussing the books we read before we break off into the wonderful type of conversation you would never have if men were around (topics like nursing, wedding planning and fashion).

This was the first book club I've ever joined; even though I'm an avid reader, I've always been terrified of the commitment. What I discovered is that you learn so much about people in a way that you simply wouldn't in casual small talk. And not only that, but I read terrific books that I might not have otherwise read.

Since we're moving, I have become an honorary member of the club -- I'll still try to read the same books down in Tennessee. Joanna, Stacey, Liz, Lindsey, Laureen, Carrie and Jen -- thank you for a wonderful evening and for your generous friendship!

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