Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Illinois Homecoming

We had a great time this weekend at the University of Illinois Homecoming game with my girlfriends, Erin, Jamie and Tara and their families. Going back to campus is one of my favorite fall traditions, and it just wouldn't be the same if I wasn't doing it with such incredible friends. And no one more than my best friend, Rob -- we actually met Homecoming 1999! We all tailgated, walked campus and visited the Delta Gamma house and the guys' fraternities. There were lots of logistics and naps with four babies in tow, but we kept things laid back and had a great time!

Yesterday, Madeline and I went to the Nashville Zoo with my neighbor Amy, an emergency room nurse who's becoming a friend, and her three children, Maggie, Matthew and Caroline. I loved seeing the animals just as much as the kids! There's something magical about driving 20 minutes from your suburban driveway and seeing elephants, monkeys and giraffes. But the absolute highlight was an open-air room that is covered (every square inch) with thick padding. Madeline was sweaty and flushed, jumping off benches and crashing into other happy kids.

I'm also so proud of my sister Andrea, who ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! She pushed through the hard parts in 90 degree weather with her best friend from the University of Iowa, Katie. Their entourage of supporters followed them around the course, cheering them on. We can't wait to run a marathon together one day (Mollie, fair warning: you may get dragged into this too).

We're excited for Rob's family to visit this weekend. They arrive the day after tomorrow!

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