Monday, February 9, 2009

A Visit from Louisville

This weekend, our great friends, Jamie, Eric and their one-year-old son, Kainoa, visited us from Louisville! We always have such a great time together. They got in on Friday night and swooped Kainoa straight from car to crib -- then we had a chance to sit around and catch up. The boys faded pretty fast, but Jamie and I chatted on the couch until way too late (just like our college sorority days). The next morning, we all took turns watching the kiddos. Our wonderful husbands gave Jamie and I the afternoon off for a fun girls' lunch and boutique shopping in the charming downtown Franklin. We were so sorry to say good-bye on Sunday -- the weekends always fly by too quickly.

Spring seems to be here (it's 70 today!), and wonderful news has accompanied the warmth. Our dear friends Johanna and Jason had a gorgeous baby girl Sunday night -- Marin Jane. She is exquisite and we are so happy for them! And our friends friend Kris and Matt had Jackson Royal on Friday night -- his two big sisters, Ella and Claire, are so excited!

Speaking of babies...we're getting very excited about meeting Baby Vlach quite soon. Though I'm not due for 23 more days, my doctor seems to hope things will happen sooner (she wouldn't mind helping things along). In fact, my last checkup showed signs that things are progressing! Stay tuned....

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Chelsea said...

70 degrees!? Oh, it's hard to believe we left there. It is -10 today and that was the HIGH!!