Thursday, November 5, 2009

Broccoli Bin Laden

Here's something you should never do: Never put cooked, leftover broccoli in your refrigerator vegetable bin. It slips underneath the celery, then gets buried by all the new groceries you bring home each week, and before long, there's a nasty, unidentified smell.

This has gone on for weeks. It took us several days to even connect the stench with the fridge. We kept checking baby diapers. Eventually, we thought we had pinpointed it to a casserole I made. A week after that was gone (and the smell stayed), we were certain it was the homemade chicken soup Rob made last weekend. Chicken Fart Soup. Yum.

Yesterday, Rob actually asked me if I passed gas. I acted horrified, then reminded him that he had just opened the fridge. "Oh yeah," he said. "Sorry." He went on a rampage, throwing away anything that was more than a day or two old. Our sink was half-filled with emptied Gladware containers.

But the smell bit my nose off again this morning when I got out the milk for oatmeal. My turn to go on a bender. Ah-hah!! The innocent little plastic Ziploc, filled with broccoli that was once green. Hidden and lurking like Bin Laden in the dank caves of Afghanistan.

Save your broccoli; that's fine. Just don't let it slip away. Or else the finger pointing begins....


The Stucks said...

Nothing worse than forgotten broccoli!!! Love laughing while reading your posts!! What a sweet little kitty you had on Halloween!

Chelsea said...

Oooo, we've had a few mysterious smells emitting from our fridge too. I always have great intentions of not wasting the food, and then I forget. It's never happened with broccoli though, as it's Wyatt's favorite and he will remind me!

The Simple Life ~ The Stokes Family said...

So funny!!! I hate when the fridge smells and you can't find what is making it smell. Glad you captured the bad guy!!! Hope all is well!