Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with Rob's family, who was so generous to travel all the way from Chicago for the holiday. Rob was Chef Extraordinaire, beginning with Thursday's feast, which included a smoked turkey, a maple-and-orange oven roasted turkey, spicy cornbread stuffing, buttery green beans, mashed potatoes and a wonderful cranberry cointreau chutney. On Friday, he made two batches of homemade turkey soup -- one traditional and one a spicy Mexican version. On Saturday, we celebrated Christmas all day long -- Rob ended our day with a delicious southern barbecue. Every morning, we had big batches of french toast or oatmeal, and every night, after the kids were in bed, we watched a movie. Oh, and there was lots of football in between.

Madeline and Charlie had so much fun with their Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Nicki and Gigi! Tom gave Madeline a remote control car, which both fascinated and terrified her -- she loved using the remote, but begged to be picked up whenever the car lurched towards her (it was hilarious watching her scramble onto the nearest piece of furniture). Rob and I felt pampered -- we stole away for three quick dates.

On Sunday, after the Vlachs started their nine hour drive home, we spent the day decorating for Christmas and we've been listening to carols ever since!


Mollie.Wiebmer said...

Looks like Charlie is really taking to the football. Do we have a high school quarterback on our hands?

The Brown Family said...

Wow, those meals sound amazing! Glad you enjoyed the holiday. The kids are adorable as always!