Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Rob and I had plans to go to a New Year's Eve party last night, but when our babysitter canceled last minute, we decided to have a fabulous party of our very own! Madeline and I put on party dresses, Rob put on a tie, and Charlie...well, he put on a fresh diaper for the occasion. Since party supplies were picked over in the stores, we rang in the new year with Dora birthday party hats, princess blowers, mini neon sunglasses and pink balloons. We had a wild dance party, ordered in Domino's, and let Madeline have as much hot cocoa as she could drink (you may notice it all over her face). With both kids in bed by 7pm, Rob and I played the new Chutes and Ladders that Madeline got for Christmas. Then Rob taught me how to play Texas Hold 'Em and Five Card Draw, betting with Cheerios. I beat him silly! Beginner's luck. We made New Year's goals, DVRed the ball drop, and went to bed a little tipsy before midnight. It was a perfect.

It's so refreshing to look out on a brand new year -- a brand new decade! -- and imagine all the possibilities. And I love reflecting back and remembering how far we've come and all the fun we've had.

A decade ago, Rob and I were new college grads, moving to Chicago with friends -- starting jobs, figuring out how to pay taxes and feeling grown up. We became newlyweds, traveled throughout Europe, the States and the Caribbean, and had two beautiful babies. We turned 30, and went to our 10-year high school reunions. We learned with the passing of my mom how fragile life is. That everything and everyone must be celebrated and appreciated, and to never let a moment pass without telling people how special they are. It's hard to imagine ten years have passed so quickly; I feel like a (slightly) more mature version of my 22-year-old self. My sisters would probably say I still act like a 12-year-old sometimes, and they're absolutely right. But I'd take it a step further and say that Rob and I get to act like we're three, playing grocery store, pretending to be frogs and dressing up like pirates and princesses. Life playfully brings us back just as it moves us forward. I want to pinch people who complain about getting older. I'm highlighting premature grays and smearing wrinkle cream around my eyes, but each year is another chance to reinvent ourselves and try something new. What a privilege and blessing!

We're wishing you a happy, healthy and hopeful 2010!


The Stucks said...

Happy New Year to you!! What will the next 10 years bring? Boggles the mind doesn't it! Joy is in your past and certainly in your future too!

The Brown Family said...

How great to recap all you've done and learned over the past 10 years. Love that you had your own party at home - we did the same. Hooray for the new year!

Ash said...

Love that you are still acting and feeling young! You guys are such a happy family - what an inspiration to us all. It's important not to let life bring us down - we just have to make the best of it and as you said, appreciate all of our blessings! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories!!!