Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lunch with Daddy!

About once a month, Madeline, Charlie and I drive the short 25-minutes into downtown Nashville to meet Rob for lunch, which we did today. Madeline buzzed with excitement all morning about seeing her daddy and bringing his work friends the cookies she baked. By 9:45am, she was dragging my giant purse to the garage door, asking if we could get in the car.

Sometimes we make the office rounds first, shaking Rob's boss' hand, meeting his new co-workers, congratulating the ones who have gotten married, had a baby or moved since our last visit. And we chuckle while Madeline eyes the lollipops on someone's desk and Charlie wanders into strangers' cubes. Today, he was taken with a five foot tall stuffed lion someone was using for a fundraiser.

We crossed the street and had a shady picnic lunch under the magnolia trees in front of Vanderbilt's Welcome Center. The kids smash PB&J into Rob's dry-clean-only clothes and run in circles until we pile into the car and zip back home again just in time for afternoon naps.


Chelsea said...

Beautiful photos. I loved those old magnolia trees. We wanted to plant one in our yard, but they take forever to grow.

Were you guys affected by the floods in any way? I've been watching on the news and just can't believe it. I wonder if they small "pond" behind our old house swallowed it up!

Johanna said...

love the pictures!! What a FUN thing to do!!!!

Ashley said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Charlie. so sweet! The Robster is very lucky that he gets visits and picnic lunches with the family!

The Brown Family said...

These photos are so beautiful. And such a neat idea to go visit Rob for lunch! You've inspired me to get myself and the kids downtown to meet Erik sometime. Would be fun! Miss you guys!