Monday, March 23, 2009

New Adventures

Charlie's already a month old! His little cheeks have filled out and he has busted out of his newborn diapers. I love watching him open his eyes and quietly look around. He is a sweet little boy who is waking up to the world around him -- we hear his voice a bit more now that we did in the first weeks.

You know that feeling of pure exhilaration when you're downhill skiing and you're going a little too fast, but you're still in control? Or the charge you felt when "the" guy called and asked you out?! (Maybe, just maybe, he was the tall Sigma Chi president named Rob with a low voice?). That's how I felt Monday. I....get ready for shopped for the first time with two kids. To say I was proud of myself when we were all loaded up in the car heading back home is like saying a shark is cute. I DID IT! was running through my mind on repeat. Now granted.... Charlie's giant infant carseat took up the entire grocery basket, so all the food (which I was buying in bulk to save trips) was underneath the cart and sliding onto the floor -- gallons of milk, bagged cheese, apples and bananas. Poor Madeline was buried underneath yogurt and cereal boxes. Not to mention that when I loaded Charlie back into the car, I found a bunch of unpurchased produce under his carseat that had to be sent back with the high school kid loading my groceries. No mushrooms this week. Oh well. I did it!

Though most everything feels easier this second time around with Charlie, I still experience all sorts of new "firsts" having two children instead of one. They require my finest multi-tasking skills (and sometimes a facade of calm when it feels like I need a clone). Thank you, corporate America. My six years out there prepared me well for this!


Allyson Olsen said...

Hey Meg!! I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE reading your blog. You guys have so much fun!!! Glad to see you're doing so well. Take care - and keep up the good work you fearless mommy, you!! :)Allyson (Boehning) Olsen

Chelsea said...

I have wondered how I will accomplish those tasks once baby #2 comes along. It is doubly hard since they don't plow our parking lots here. You must push a heaping grocery cart + kid through a snow-filled lot! It drives me nuts!!

Jamie said...

As I've mentioned to you before, you are superwoman! I can only imagine handling 2 kids at the grocery store. Guess it's one of those things one just learns to do. But I'm so proud of you, don't think I'd be tackling that so soon! You have always been so calm under pressure Meg (unless it was a paper due in 30 minutes that you'd been up all night writing, and then couldn't get it to print!) :) Love ya!