Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy Busy Happy Happy

Life has never felt busier with three kids under five, a dog and all the details surrounding our upcoming move to Milwaukee. We were mistaken in thinking we didn't have to show our house until we had cleared out, so we spent the last three weeks making all the mandatory and suggested updates from five inspections and our realtor to get it market-ready. Now we're off to the races with a showing this morning and another this afternoon. Keeping beds made, floors sparkling, laundry put away, dishes out of the sink, all toys of sight and clearing out of the house with my mud-loving kids is pretty stressful, truthfully. We bought a house we love in Whitefish Bay, WI, during our house-hunting trip a few weeks ago -- we're so excited that we can walk to Trader Joe's, retail shopping, a movie theater, both kids' schools and Starbucks! We're working from afar to replace its 30-year-old decorating with fresh paint and new carpeting throughout.
Pulling up and emptying Charlie's pj drawer!
In the midst of the chaos, we are still wholeheartedly enjoying our time here in Nashville! John Thomas is crawling and pulling up! He's working on his fifth and sixth tooth, eating solid foods like a champ, and says mama and dada. He squeals with joy when we push him on the swing and takes big-kid baths every night with his older brother and sister. He's graduated from being the tiny baby asleep in the corner to a full-fledged kid in the family, and we all absolutely love it, especially Madeline and Charlie! In fact, yesterday, Madeline said, "Johnny, I love you so much I want to be you!"

Riding his motorcycle with his googles
Charlie just had his three year check up, where we found out he measures on the growth charts as a four year old! Today at lunch, he told us an imaginative story (in great detail) about climbing a beanstalk. From time to time, he says hilarious things like, "Mommy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" (but he isn't really thinking anything in particular). And the other day in the car, he stage whispered to Madeline (while finishing a hamburger leftover from lunch), "Hey Mimi!" When I turned to him, he said, "I was talking to Madeline." With his sister's attention again, he said, "I just threw my pickle out the window!" and they erupted into a fit of giggles. He's bananas about all things boy -- monster trucks, motorcycles, cars, firetrucks, monsters, good guys and bad guys, and he loves to rescue us. He tells people all the time that we're moving to "Beewaukee," and is so excited to have a blue bedroom.

Though I realize she's not even five yet, Madeline seems to be a young lady already. She loves her things to be neat and orderly -- this morning, she sat on her floor and organized her jewelry box...right after she willingly scrubbed down the kitchen sink for 15 minutes. She does her own hair, pours her own milk in her cereal and says things like "We're glam!" when we paint our nails or "Go Sista!" during a dance party. She loved wearing her bathing suit to school and playing in sand on a tarp on the classroom floor! Her teacher recently pulled me aside to tell me the wonderful progress Madeline has made in school, and it's a true joy to see her sunny little personality with her brothers and friends.

Rob officially began his Wisconsin job responsibilities today. I'm thrilled that I was able to find a minute to write this blog -- these days, I often crash after the kids are in bed and realize I never sat down. Not even once. But Rob and I were able to sneak away for a date night at the Nashville Predators hockey game. Life is good!
Banging the glass at Nashville Predators Hockey Game from our seats!


Anonymous said...

Megan, this is crazy! I just saw on Facebook this morning that you guys are en route to Milwaukee, then discovered your blog, and now I see you're moving to Whitefish Bay. That's where we live! You'll have to drop me a note on FB once you get in town and settled - I'd love to catch up and meet your family. I think the last time we saw each other was probably at Westminster. What, like 80 years ago?? :)

~Jocelyn (Picl) Rau

kristincrook said...

We want pictures of the new house!!!!