Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Pro Bono Lemonade Stand

On one of the record-breakingly hot days this summer, Madeline asked me if we could have a lemonade stand. So we all walked over to our grocery store, and had fun mixing up a batch of good ol' Country Time. I realized back home that we didn't have any ice and charging for hot lemonade on a 102 degree day just didn't seem quite right. Plus, I didn't have any quarters or small bills to make change; who knew so much thought went into a kiddie lemonade stand? So we gave it away, calling it our Pro Bono stand. I sort of tried to explain the concept to the kids, but they were as interested in my "teachable moment" as Maple is in learning algebra. Cars stopped, walkers crossed the street, and even teenagers asked for a cup. I've since realized there's a Whitefish Bay Lemonade Stand Code of Ethics, which is that you go out of your way to buy lemonade from kids. This place is Pleasantville.

We were lucky enough to have our dear friends Ellie and Sophie (and their baby brother) visiting that day from Rockford. Between Buffy's kids and mine, they made about six dollars, despite yelling, "Free lemonade" as loud as their little voices would carry through the muggy heat. That's a fortune when a couple of pennies in a piggy bank is still a big deal.


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The Brown Family said...

We have yet to do a lemonade stand at our house - how is that possible? It's a childhood rite of passage! LOVE that yours was pro bono! And equally love that everyone stopped by and gave donations!