Tuesday, October 23, 2012

John John's 16 Months!

John is 16 months. I don't know how it happened, but he's a full fledged toddler. An actual little boy! He runs to get places now. And pointing and grunting are giving way to words -- his favorite is football. I hear it all day long -- only he can't say the "f" or the "l" so it sounds like "ootbaw." When Maple is under his high chair, he says, "go!" (certainly because he's heard me say that his whole life!) He thinks it's fascinating to pull fistfulls of Madeline and Charlie's hair, so after weeks of teaching him to touch gently, now he pats their heads instead and says "nice." He makes animal sounds galore. Just thinking about the sound of his voice -- sweet and high, but distinctly masculine -- as I write this post actually makes me outwardly smile. God, he's adorable.

He imitates everything -- watering the plants, talking on the phone, putting on shoes, blowing kisses, throwing the ootbaw, and anything -- anything at all -- that his brother and sister happen to be doing. He erupts into peals of hysterical laughter if people around him laugh, and he chatters like a little chipmunk; Madeline can do a perfect imitation. One of John's favorite activities is to collect things and deposit them randomly. He hid my cell phone for three days in a file cabinet (it was on silent). I found my J Crew necklace in the toilet. Madeline's school folder was in the Tupperware drawer. The best part is, if you ask him for what he's hidden, he'll actually lead you right to it. Tonight, he refused to sit in his high chair at a Panera so I barricaded him with the stroller and he happily sat in the booth, eating his entire dinner just like a big kid.

Even though he has strong opinions (and gets pretty mad! It's so darn cute!), he's still the easy kid he's been since the day he was born. I recently weaned him and he never even whimpered, much less cried, even once. Madeline and Charlie love him. They beg for "one more hug!" from John before they'll go to sleep.

I simply didn't know someone so little could be so charming and hilarious. John, you add so much to our family and to each of our lives. We adore you!
Charlie put a sticker on his head for "being good"
The joy of jumping in Fall leaves!
Helping me garden. He's always in the mix!


Kisses for Kai said...

What a big boy! He is so precious. I can't believe he's not a baby anymore??

Lucy said...

Beautiful baby John! I have to say, I adore the sticker he got on his head for "being good." That's the best!