Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving on the Beach

Thanksgiving was very special this year. We feel so blessed when we're all able to be together! My dad and Ning rented a fabulous, sprawling house in Two Rivers (which the locals pronounce "Twivers" -- I can't say it with a straight face) right on Lake Michigan! Mollie and Kenny flew in from Boulder and Andi and Kyle drove up from St. Louis. We weren't in the door for more than an hour before we all had on our matching pajamas, a Wiebmer holiday tradition! With red and green stripes, we called ourselves Christmas convicts.

On Thursday morning, Nancy threw the Turducken (chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey) in the oven and the wonderful smells started to fill our home away from home. The kids decorated placemats for every guest, including Rob's parents and sister, who drove up from Geneva, IL, for the big meal -- it was wonderful to have them! We only wished that Kyle and Kenny's parents could have been there too! After the meal, before even clearing the table, we all put on our shoes and played on the beach, the cold wind whipping our faces and helping us work up our appetites again for pumpkin cheesecake.

Dance Party 2012!
We woke up the next morning to Wiebmer Christmas (we'll all be with our husbands' families on Dec. 25)! We set up a four foot Christmas tree, played carols and put gifts under the tree -- it was even snowing outside! That evening, after a candlit dinner (and our pajama photophoot), the time had finally come for our annual Dance Party! Lady Gaga, Chicken Dance, Def Leapard -- we rocked out, swinging the kids dad even danced Gangham Style (just about as funny as him channeling Barbara Streisand a few years ago...."Memories..."). Everyone was so generous and thoughtful in their gifts -- we felt so loved!

The next day, the girls went to Kohler for a fun lunch and to see to gorgeous showroom ($20,000 bathtubs! Fabulous!), and we antique shopped on the way home. The guys had gone to Appleton the afternoon before to see Kyle's old stomping grounds when he worked for Kimberly Clark.

We were sad that the trip had to end -- we have so much fun together! But it was an amazing vacation and a wonderful start to our Christmas season!

[Note: Lots more pictures to come soon!]
The kids love their aunts and uncles!!


Mollie said...

What an amazing trip! I'm so sad it's over!

Kisses for Kai said...

LOVE reading about your annual festivities. The PJs are the best!

Ted Juhl said...

An annual dance party with everybody wearing matching pajamas looks like a lot of fun! Who would refuse an all night of dancing when there are party-rocking songs playing?! The last photo made my wife giggle when she sneaked a peek while I'm reading your blog. =) She thought the tucked-in pjs are wacky.

Ted Juhl