Sunday, June 9, 2013

John John's 2!

Our sweet baby turned two years old on June 9. He's a comedian, a spitfire, an escape artist, a chatterbox, a ray of sunshine and an absolute joy. He's Madeline and Charlie's favorite toy. We all adore him so much more than I could ever hope to express in a quick blog post.
To celebrate our little guy, we had a handful of friends over for a puppy party. The theme chose itself since Johnny loves Maple so much. Every time we leave our house, by stroller or car, John yells, "We love you, Maple!" And some nights, he won't go to sleep unless Maple has visited his room; she joins us for story time almost every evening.

From top to bottom: Jack Buresh, Robert Noble, George Judy, Conrad Redden, Charlie-Char, Thomas Byrnes, The Birthday Boy, Jimmy Buresh and Mary Jane Redden (Lilly Cordani not pictured)
The children ate their hot dog lunch out of puppy bowls (originally filled with Cocoa Puffs, which looks a lot like real dog food!). We nibbled on puppy chow (rice puffs covered in peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar), and all the kids posed for a picture wearing their silly hat with dog ears. The favor bags were filled with doggie stickers, puppy lollipops and cute little stuffed dogs. What fun!

We were so lucky that on the day of John's actual birthday, Rob's family drove up and spent the day with our little guy.

Johnny and his girlfriend, Mary Jane.
Emily, Lucy and Little George.
Look at his expression!
I can almost reach the icing....
Got it!

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