Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Stuff They Say!

Living with these three kids at ages 6, 4 and 2 is hilarious every single day. Here are a few of the funny things they've been saying lately:
  • Madeline and I were getting ready for bed, saying our prayers and quietly talking about our day. She kind of poked at my bottom and said earnestly, "Mommy, I wish my bum was big and soft like yours."
  • Charlie yelled as loudly as he could out the car window to his buddy, who was running on the nearby sidewalk, "Thomas, you want a graham crapper?"
  • John kept asking me to "open his popsicle" as he dragged a bag of frozen halibut around the house that he had pulled out of the freezer.
  • The kids went to vacation bible school this summer. It still cracks me up listening to Charlie sing a rendition of his favorite song with his four-year-old pronunciations: "You must yuve. Da Yord. Our God..." (You must love, the Lord, our God....)
  • John kept saying something repeatedly to Rob and me. We couldn't figure out what it was (and never did). He simply kept saying, "#ucker," and looking at us expectantly, waiting for some coarse of action we didn't understand. We were speechless.
  • During our garage sale, entrepreneurial Madeline made a sign that said, "Free book marks. 25 cents." (Actually, the 2 was backwards and "cents" was "sens," but you get the idea).
  • Charlie came upstairs from the playroom wearing his ninja costume. He had tied an oatmeal container around his waist -- one end of a wooden spoon was in the container and the other end was in his mouth -- and he asked for yarn to use as "jailers." Come to find out he was scuba diving with a tank and a mouthpiece, and he needed to handcuff a bad guy. Obviously.
  • We had a family day at the Brewers game. John pointed out "dog poo-poo" (a reality in our front yard with Maple) as we walked through the grass near the parking lot at Miller Park. Of course, it was actually a bratwurst left over from a tailgate, but Madeline and Charlie thought it was the funniest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.
  • Madeline filled the palm of her hand with black pepper, then asked me (very seriously) if she could sniff it up her nose. Ummm.....
  • John kept asking where his hoo-hoo was. It took me hours to figure out that he was looking for the hula-hoop that Sandie gave each of the kids.
  • Charlie was in the sandbox playing dump trucks with John. He excitedly told me, "I'm the big dumper and John's the little dumper." If only he knew....
  • I started a tv show for the kids. John ran out of the room to round up Madeline and Charlie, yelling, "It's gonna start, cuties!"(Or cooties, as he pronounced it).
  • As we were ready to walk out of the house to go somewhere and I was doing a last minute diaper-change on John, he gazed up at me and said, "Your hair looks cute." 
  • Charlie thinks it's hilarious to fart under the covers when I'm reading him a story -- a good old fashioned dutch oven. It smells like something died. How did this happen? How? How??
  • John's new thing is that he says, "Oh Deard!" when he's frustrated. It's obviously a combination of words he's heard...

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Johanna said...

I am just now reading this and I am laughing so hard, I'm coughing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!