Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Fall Fall!

What a fabulous fall!

Apple Picking
We went on our second annual apple picking trip with the Brown family. We had a blast filling our bags, finding the pear patch, going for a hayride, and of course, eating apple donuts. Poor John John got stung on the cheek by a bee...what a trooper!
I was also lucky enough to go with Charlie on his apple-picking field trip!
Ning made little Halloween dreams come true. John was an astronaut -- his name was even stitched on his jumpsuit! He wore his costume (including the talking helmet, which counts down to take off) to school pick up for days leading up to the 31st. Charlie chose to be a Star Wars Stormtrooper, which blew all the little boys' minds during his Halloween party at school. And Madeline was a gorgeous little fairy princess with oversize wings and a dress adorned with flowers. Rob was on a business trip, so Sandie manned the door with John while I took the big kids trick or treating. Speaking of which, Sandie is our absolute hero. John had a terrible case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease -- he was in agony and we were quarantined (it's highly contagious for quite a long time), so she came up to help me while Rob was gone. Even now, four months later, John's finger-and-toenails show signs of the illness.
Whitefish Bay's pumpkin festival leads up to October 31 and is a special treat every year. With the kids sick, we didn't attend the evening festivities, but we went to visit the display several times -- hundred's of carved pumpkins, witches on broomsticks flying overhead and a stage that the kids could run wild on. We've been so impressed by this event and others like it, that Rob joined the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation Board.
The Vlachs hosted us at their house -- such a wonderful holiday. I was lucky enough to spend time with my dear friends, Erica and Johanna, and we really had a chance to get to know Nicki's boyfriend, Mike. 

Other Fun Stuff!
Rob and I went to a Packer's game with FABCO and sat in a skybox! What an experience!

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