Monday, June 9, 2014

John John Turns Three!

John has been so excited about his birthday ever since Madeline and Charlie's big days in February and March. He wanted a green-themed birthday, with green balloons, green cake, green frosting and green sprinkles. And he wanted to invite his best friends, Madeline and Charlie. We talked about it every night before bed for months.

His special day landed the morning after Rob, Madeline, Charlie and I got home from house hunting in Luxembourg....we would have planned the entire trip around our little guy! Sandie had a fun party planned for him in Geneva, and we celebrated again in Whitefish Bay...starting at Dunkin Donuts, picking out a toy at Winkies, and celebrating at the Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner. He woke up to balloons (green!) outside his bedroom door too! Papa and Ning celebrated as well, taking him on a big boy adventure and putting together his very own kite.

John is an absolute joy to all of us! He's hilarious, full of personality and has a little twinkle in his eye so we never really know what's coming next. He's quick as lighting and disappears in seconds -- before you'll know it, he'll have climbed up on a table and devoured a cake with his hands. His little laugh, husky voice and beyond-his-years vocabulary make me chuckle, even as he lies sleeping in the next room. When he hugs, it's truly an experience; he wraps his tiny arms so tightly around your neck, tucks his head into your neck, and squeezes with all his strength. I'm so happy he isn't going to preschool next year in Lux so I can have every second of him to myself.

We love you, John John!!


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