Monday, May 5, 2014

Number Four!!!

This morning, we told the kids the biggest news of all...that soon they will have another brother or sister! Rob and I were giddy. I set the breakfast table, and asked them to sit down. Then instead of filling their bowl with oatmeal, I set a wrapped gift in front of each of them while Rob ran the video camera behind me. As they opened their miniature baby dolls, I told them that mommy had daddy had some exciting news to share with them about our family....we're going to have another baby! Their reactions were darling. Madeline immediately looked at my stomach, then after about a two second delay as she processed the news, her face flashed joy and excitement! Charlie took another couple of seconds, but then he exclaimed (with his signature enthusiasm), "You mean a real baby?!" Yes! A real baby I told them!

I asked the kids if they wanted to see a picture; they couldn't wait. I explained that the ultrasound would look a little silly because the camera had to take the shot from the outside of my body. Madeline said our baby looks like a seahorse; Charlie saw a running dog. And when I asked John what he thought the baby looked like, he glanced down at the Rescue Bot in his hand and said it looked like Optimus Prime (leader of the Transformers). Maybe a nickname is born? Madeline cracked Rob and me up when she said she hopes it's a girl, saying there are already two of "those things," as she affectionately pointed at her brothers with a smirk on her face.

Then the kids named their new babies, which I told them they can take care of until our real baby arrives this fall. Madeline named hers Caitlin, Charlie named his Cutie, and John named his Wee, then quickly changed the name to Earo.

What fun to share this news with our little family. I've been imagining the day for so long. Rob gave me the promise of another child as my tenth anniversary gift during our weekend away on Washington Island -- no gift has ever meant more (I jumped in his arms and did the ugly cry in public). Due in early November.

We're through the moon!

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