Friday, January 23, 2015

Vallée des Sept Châteaux

We decided to set off on an adventure right in our own backyard. Just minutes up the road from our house is the Valley of Seven Castles, or Vallée des Sept Châteaux. We fueled up at Dunkin Donuts, which just opened a few months ago. (Sidetone: After six months of drinking "boy coffee," I was so excited to buy some vanilla flavored grounds!). While all seven castles are within an hour of each other, we didn't want to be overambitious, since we're still learning the ropes with four kids.
Dunkin Donuts just opened in Belguim!
We set off. The 12th century ruins of a chateau in Koerich leapt out at us as we rounded a corner...we all gasped! It was so beautiful.... The snow fell and bells rang in the Baroque church behind the ruins.
We drove on in search of more. As we rolled along, I read the history of chateaux to the kids. Knights, ladies, battles, fires, coats of arms....they hung on every word. We took a detour looking for a lunch spot and accidentally happened upon the Grand Castle Ansembourg. (It's called the "new" castle since it's only from the 1600's). In the 1700's, its baroque gardens were laid out -- they looked so beautiful in the falling snow. I can't wait to go back in the spring when they're in bloom! On our way out of town, we saw the Old Castle of Ansembourg, dating from 1135, set a half mile up on a hill. The current Count of Ansembourg lives there! Since our minivan was slipping around in the snow, we decided to drive up the steep hill the next time we visit and save the other four castles for another day.

We finished our adventure with lunch at an Italian restaurant and went home to sit by the fire!

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Elisabeth said...

I'm living in Luxembourg this year and am dying to see as many castles as possible before returning to the States. Loved this post and the beautiful snowy pictures!