Saturday, September 5, 2015

Luxembourg Fall Fair Circuit 2015

We had so much fun popping around the Luxembourg countryside for fall festivals this year. Each is a little different, but they all have two things in common: sausages and Cremant (Luxembourgish champagne).  

Schueberfouer 2015
We started in August with Schueberfouer, a 670 year-old Luxembourgish funfair! Madeline rode on her first roller coaster with Rob (and it was scary)!
About to go up in the giant Ferris wheel.... Sandie stayed with Bitsy.

Apple Picking

We drove the steep, winding roads to Steinsel again this year for apple picking with Rob's mom. Since it's so difficult to glean information from Luxembourgish websites, we actually went twice! We arrived too early on Saturday, so we pulled out our lunch and had a quiet quiet in the grass. Then we came back Sunday for proper apple picking and wheelbarrow rides. 

Whoops! Too early to pick apples, but a lovely picnic instead.


Why go to Munich, when the most charming Oktoberfest ever is right here in Lux? We drove to Howald, where our dear friends Meredith and Pete live. It happened to be our anniversary, so sweet Meredith turned it into a fun celebration. We ambled over to the parade beginning, where 60-year old women dressed in dirndls passed out shots to adults and Kinder eggs to kids, then we followed the festivities to the Oktoberfest tent. Pretzels, beer, rides and tons of local color.
My friend, Meredith, made us an anniversary banner!


To round out our Fall Fair Circuit of Luxembourg, we drove to Contern for Applefest. The boys loved the antique tractors and everyone enjoyed the hand-pressed cider. John was so excited to see his Luxembourgish assistant teacher, Miss Jenna! 

Pumpkin Festival

To round out our Fall Fair Circuit of Luxembourg, we hit the pumpkin festival in Beringen. 

The cows are saying Moien..."hi" in Luxembourgish
Dirt on a tarp and call it a festival. What more does a kid need?

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