Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Elizabeth Turns One

Every single day with Elizabeth has been a dream come true since the moment she was born. She has added so much joy to our family....it's just ridiculous how much we ALL adore her! We couldn't wait to celebrate our baby girl's first birthday in a big way!

During our fall break in London, we had a fancy tea party for Miss Bitsy at the Ritz! When I called to make reservations, I asked if children were allowed in the tea room. "The Ritz is a family business!" said the lovely operator. "We love children!" 

We all got dressed up according to the dining room dress code -- the boys in smart jackets and bow ties, us girls in dresses, and Elizabeth in her sparkly birthday tutu I ordered months ago for the occasion. The experience was perfect from top to bottom -- never stuffy, totally fun. Rob is now a full-fledged tea drinker. (His favorite flavor is Lady Grey, which Charlie changed on the box with a permanent marker to "Man Grey"). 

The best moment of the day was when Bitsy's personalized cake came out to the table -- the pianist played Happy Birthday and the entire room clapped! Of course I cried like a baby! 

I say this with all of my heart.....Bitsy, you are TRULY gift from God!

Bitsy's first ever birthday flowers from Daddy!

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