Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Long Weekend in Lovely Freiburg

We pulled in to the tiny German village of Gundelfingen straight from the kids' school and settled into our rental home about 10 minutes outside of sweet Freiburg on the southwest edge of the Black Forest. Dinner that night was a true local experience -- a local German restaurant where our table actually shook as the chef pounded our wiener schnitzel in the kitchen on the other side of the wall. Rob and the kids kept saying "keep your mitts/ off my schnitz-el." We thought it was hilarious. The next morning we walked through a gorgeous field behind our house leading to trails and an aquatic center. I couldn't stop taking pictures of Madeline, Charlie and John's little heads poking out of the tall grass.

The next morning, our good friends the Mosses arrived -- Meredith, Pete, Huxley and Sebastian -- and we headed into downtown Freiburg to explore for an hour.
On Saturday morning we enjoyed the farmers market, which is set up around the Cathedral in Centre Ville. Freiburg is famous for its 600-year old channels, called b├Ąchle -- only about 10 inches wide -- that divert water from the river Dreisam and run throughout town. We bought the kids classic handmade wood sail boats at the market and watched them happily play in the narrow canals while a German band played behind us. The convivial town filled in around us until the streets thronged with people.

Meredith and Pete treated us to a lovely cafe lunch, then we headed home for naps and more swimming. That afternoon, we put Bitsy in her new hiking carrier and went for a gorgeous walk through the German countryside -- perfect for a giant grass fight!

After the kids were all tucked in, Rob and Pete dialed in takeaway schnitzel from the local restaurant where we ate the first night. But a few minutes later, they were back empty-handed, laughing like a couple of school girls as they imitated the German restaurant manager. "Vere aw your plates?"  she said. So they grabbed a few platters and plates and headed back to the restaurant to bring home dinner.
Such a fun holiday with friends in a beautiful, historic place!

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