Thursday, June 9, 2016

John John's FIVE!

After so many long months of waiting, it was finally John's turn to celebrate his birthday!

On his birthday morning, John -- who loves space, the solar system and astronauts -- woke up to a room full of balloons and blow-up planets (courtesy of Oriental Trading via the german Amazon)! His happy squeals were our alarm clock. Then we had a singing candle for breakfast (with astronaut ice cream) and opened his gifts from family before school! A self-inflating Whoopsie Cushion, a Storm Trooper, a set of checkers, a bathtub submarine, Star Wars scooter, three science kits and a foot-operated rocket launcher that blew his five-year-old mind. All that by 7:45am!
Later that morning, Bitsy and I celebrated with John's K1 class at the International School of Luxembourg. John wore a birthday crown and felt like Big Stuff passing out his cupcakes. Bitsy was quite an attraction.
Mrs. Lambert was terrific! She understood John's zany little personality.

Dancing to birthday songs!
Bitsy has an entourage at ISL everywhere we go....
Bitsy settled right in.
After school, the kids had swimming lessons, which is John's favorite, so it was perfect that it landed on his birthday! Rob got home from work early and we ate dinner outside in the gorgeous and rare sunshine (it has been colder in Luxembourg than Russia, and it has rained for weeks on end). At John's request, we had Subway and smoothies. He blew out his second set of birthday candles for the day and we all laughed while Bitsy lathered herself in the homemade blue frosting.
Bitsy lathered herself up and was sweet enough to eat!
On Saturday morning, John's three best friends came over for a Space/Astronaut-themed birthday party! Sandra, from Spain, Zade from the States, and Alexandre, from Luxembourg. The kids colored rocket ships and solar system coloring sheets until everyone arrived, and then we began Astronaut Training. I spun the kids to teach them about centrifugal force. Then they had to blow wads of paper across the table with a straw to test their lung capacity. And their favorite....they each received a homemade jet pack, which they "activated" and then sprinted across the room one-at-a-time, jumping up and batting at balloons I held higher and higher each turn.
Next we did dangling oldie but a goodie. For lunch, the kids ate hotdogs and fruit spaceships that Madeline and John made. Afterwards, we hunted for moon rocks (candy wrapped in tin foil), opened gifts and cut the rocket ship cake. And at last, we went outside and the kids took turns walloping a piƱata, which John's has been talking about for months. After everyone had a turn, we gave John extra whacks and that kid blew it open; the kids scrambled filling their goodie bags.
Sandra, John and Alex
John John cracks us up; we're absolutely bananas about him! His sense of humor is off the charts. It has been a giant year for him....dropping naps and going to school all-day, every-day as is required in Luxembourg (besides half-day Wednesdays). He's thriving and happy. Testing boundaries at home and needling his older brother and sister with his little elf smirk, rosebud lips and raspy voice. He's desperate to show Madeline and Charlie his art projects at school pick up, and picks Bitsy up under her arms like a little rag doll to take her with him as he plays. He's learning french, and I love listening to him sing his pre-K songs; the sight of him in his goggles, swim cap and pirate Speedos at his weekly swimming lessons is just too darn cute. He sometimes asks if he can take a piano Miss Daniela spends five minutes with him at the piano....he's so proud. And we're so proud of the sweet boy that he is.

We love you like CRAZY, John John!! Happy 5th birthday!

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