Thursday, October 4, 2007

Madeline's First Illini Game

Madeline watched an Illini victory over Penn State at her first University of Illinois football game this weekend! We went with Jo, Jason, Erica, Craig, Graig and his lovely new wife, Caitlin (who both went to Penn State). It was a very exciting upset. Madeline, who was decked out in her Illini gear, blended into the sea of orange and actually cheered with the crowd! Then (it's hard to believe this is possible), she actually fell asleep on Rob's shoulder during the fourth quarter, despite the roaring crowd and touchdown fireworks.

So, if Madeline decides to attend the University of Illinois in another 18 years (no pressure or anything), she will be a fourth generation Illini. She already has a U of I car seat and more orange-and-blue than her parents (not to mention that her mom and dad met there their senior year!). So as you can see the "gentle" nudging has begun at only six months.

And the best part is, we're going back again next weekend for Illinois v. Wisconsin with my Delta Gamma sorority sisters (Erin, Jamie and Tara) and their growing families! We can't wait to meet little Cassidy and Ella and see Jamie's pregnant bump!

Go Illini!!

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