Friday, September 28, 2007

Yam I Am

So far, Madeline has tasted: peas (disgusting!); applesauce (she shudders with every bite, but it's better than the pea-dry-heave), prunes (we're getting warmer), bananas (heck yeah! This is the good stuff), and finally yams (documented to the right).

"Starting solids" sounds deceivingly tidy. While it is hilarious and even exciting to see Madeline's expressions as she tries different foods for the first time, it is also incredibly messy! It's hard to know how much food actually goes down the hatch once she's had her way. Her favorite game is to grab the loaded end of the spoon with her fist...then rub her eyes and/or drag the spoon itself across the back of her head. She looks like a little raccoon peering out from behind an orange or brown mask -- it clumps in her eyelashes, mats in her hair (the little she has), and coats the insides of her ears. This is all before the dog comes and licks her little fingers clean.

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