Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Uh oh....

So Madeline is a bully. In her defense, she is the cutest, sweetest, most loving bully I've ever met. She adores children her own age, and gets so excited when she's around them that without understanding her own strength, she grinds their faces into the carpet, knocks them to the ground and puts them into headlocks. 

Rob and I realized that she may be learning from the way that we interact with Maple. I noticed, as I playfully wrestled a toy out of Maple's mouth and tackled the dog to the ground, that Madeline was watching me very carefully. 

So, now we say the word "gentle" whenever we touch anything. And poor Maple must be wondering why we don't rough house anymore, one of her favorite past times (that, along with waiting under Madeline's high chair for the occasional avocado chunk or Cheerio). It's both hilarious and horrifying: Hilarious to witness the absolute glee and enthusiasm Madeline feels around her friends, and horrifying that there's a chance they'll cry at least once per play date.

On a separate note, this weekend we had so much fun pulling Madeline around in the fresh snow on a baby sled that our neighbors lent us. She loved it, dragging her hands in the snow and licking it off her snowsuit. She also learned some new tricks -- she knows where to point when we say, "Where's mommy's nose?" and claps her hands to cheer for every little thing.

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