Friday, August 14, 2009

A Tennessee August

We've been enjoying our warm Tennessee summer. Rob and I went to a beautiful vineyard (owned by Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn) just minutes from our house with a group of friends to celebrate our friend, Codie's, birthday. Madeline, Charlie and I also went to the Nashville Zoo with women from my Mom's Club. Madeline ran from exhibit to exhibit with a pack of busy three-year-olds. I put Charlie in the Baby Bjorn since he was a little fussy, and had to laugh as my diaper bag went for a smooth ride in our deluxe, souped-up double stroller all morning.

We also had a great time in Louisville last weekend visiting our close friends, Eric, Jamie and their son, Kainoa, 18 months. We goofed around until 2am playing Dance Revolution! What a sign of the times that on a "wild" Saturday night, we all toasted with cold foamy pint glasses of...milk. And finally, our dear friends Erica and Craig had a beautiful healthy boy on Saturday -- Kai William Marten. We are so happy for them! Since we couldn't be in Chicago to meet Kai in person, I shamelessly stole this photo from my friend Johanna's blog.

Madeline's a little pistol. She recently stuck a coffee bean up her nose, the first of many foreign objects she'll probably insert into curious places. She also has a favorite "sviped" (striped) bathing suit. It's welded to her body like second skin, stained and sticky with popsicle juice, dirt, paint and anything we've eaten that day. Each morning, I hold up two adorable dresses for her to choose from, and every morning the answer is the same.... "I want to wear my sviped bathing suit." I wash it each night because I know she'll want to wear it the next day. To make things even more interesting, when she isn't in the suit, she's naked! Her Borat moment was just the beginning of a new phase... Yesterday, I looked up to find her riding our neighbor's bike around the cul-de-sac 100% in the nude; I ran out into the street with a diaper and a dress. The same day, she jumped in a John Deere mini-truck with a five-year-old boy on our street and rode away without a backward glance. I stood in the street, blankly watching her pull away, and couldn't help thinking that she would be going off to prom with some boy in a few years.

Charlie's a blast too! He is interested in everything; it's amazing watching him learn. His eyes lock on whatever he sees, then he slowly (as if possessed) reaches his arms out wide and brings them in until he's gripping his target. And the best part -- without fail -- he carefully brings the object to his mouth. We started solids on Friday. Not only did he have to suffer the indignity of eating strained peas, but he did it wearing a hand-me-down bib that said, "Little Fairy." Poor guy. It's so easy to make him laugh. I see the roof of his mouth several times a day because he opens his mouth so wide with glee. He continues to grow at warp speed. At his six month appointment, he was 20.0 pounds; his thighs get stuck in the Bumbo chair when we try to lift him out. As a nursing mom, I can't express the pride that brings me (I did that?).

Rob's mom and grandma arrive tonight. Aunt Nicki had an emergency operation on her eye and wasn't able to come last minute -- we're praying for her quick recovery!


Johanna said...

Laughed out loud. Am loving getting caught up on your blog!!! I'll have to send more pics of Kai when we see him on Sunday. doesn't Erica look great?! SHe looks even better in person if you can belive it!

Chelsea said...

Sounds like Madeline is quite the character and Mr. Charlie is pretty adorable himself. Little Fairy bib!? Too much! I'm sure Hadley will be eating off Thomas silverware and drinking from Lightening McQueen cups. All that little stuff matters so much less the second time around!