Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go Charlie Go!

Charlie is flipping like a little 20-pound pancake. Since he figured out how to roll over a couple of weeks ago, I can hardly change his diaper. I left him on his back the other day, and returned to find him happily eating my In Style magazine as he rolled....

He has also discovered his toes, which is terrific when mom forgets to pack toys in the diaper bag, and tasted rice cereal a handful of times, his reactions varying from excited interest to horrified shudders. He's also become very physical, reaching for everything and putting it in his mouth (yesterday, Madeline observed that Charlie was eating Maple). He still cheerfully refuses a bottle, but like suckers, we continue trying, just in case he'll change his mind.

And the biggest news of all? Charles officially slept through the night for three nights in a row (7:30pm to 6:00am)! The two following nights reminded us that it's a process (ha), but it's incredible progress after almost half a year of nightly wakings.


The Brown Family said...

Ha! Gavin has eaten some covers of my magazines as well. Thees boys are all over the place. Is it really getting time to baby-proof again???
CONGRATS on a full night's sleep!!! Hooray for Charlie!

Chelsea said...

Oh, a FULL night of sleep!? I am insanely jealous!! I'm afraid it will be a while before we have that again... Enjoy!