Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bridal Extravaganza

I had an amazing four days in Denver celebrating Mollie, the beautiful bride, as she plans for her September wedding. It was nothing short of an extravaganza. Ning flew Andi and me in from Nashville and D.C (she herself flew in from Minneapolis), then surprised Mollie on Saturday morning with a white stretch limo and two dozen tulips. And it only got better and better (the champagne was flowin')! Mollie looked exquisite in every gown she put on. But our little secret was that she already has a gorgeous BCBG gown hanging in her closet (and we found our bridesmaid dresses the night before)! Andrea and I hosted a special bridal shower for her at a trendy New Orleans style restaurant called bang! -- we gave her a Tiffany necklace with her new married monogram and after a wonderful lunch, we ate decadent cupcakes that collectively spelled Lovely Mollie. Then we were treated to pedicures by two of Mollie's Denver bridesmaids and came home to watch girlie bridal-themed movies and eat sushi delivery. The next morning, a friend of Nancy's hosted an elegant bridal brunch for Mollie and Kenny. We are so excited for the wedding to come!

Rob and I divided-and-conquered: I took Charles to Denver and he took a few days off work to hang out with Madeline at home. Charlie was a dream on the plane both ways, and charming entertainment for a house full of girls. Back in Nashville, Rob and Madeline had an absolute blast! They went to the Adventure Science Center, Chick-fil-A, out for ice cream, the toy store and Starbucks. Rob got her a basketball hoop and they had had so much fun being silly, noisy and bonding in a very special way. The first day Rob went back to work, Madeline kept asking me sweetly, "Where's my daddy? I want my daddy!" Nothing could make me happier than to see the blooming life-long relationship between father and daughter. Could anything possibly be more important?


Johanna said...

looks like a fabulous weekend together!! Congrats to Mollie!

Chelsea said...

What a perfect girly weekend! Looks like you had a ball. You all look fantastic!