Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Happy birthday, sweet Charlie. Today you turned one. We celebrated and had lots of fun -- I'll tell you more about that another time. Right now you're sleeping peacefully in your footed tractor pajamas -- you've been busy! And not just today, but every day leading up to this one. At first, you worked so hard just to hold up your head. Now you crawl at lightening speed and you've taken your first steps. You have seven teeth and and you eat right off our plates. You wrap your arms around your daddy's neck and hug him every night when he gets home from work. You adore your big sister, and she adores you.

Je t'aime, Charles. We're head over heels. Sweet dreams little boy.


The Brown Family said...

Birthday wishes for Charlie! Can't wait to hear all about the celebration. And first steps too!!! Lots of love from the Brown house.

Johanna said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie! We were thinking about you on Saturday! Be on the lookout for someting in the mail from Marin. Her mommy is a little behind. eeek.

natalie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Charlie! What a cutie :)