Saturday, March 13, 2010

Does it get better than this?

Charlie walks everywhere now! Sweet little shuffling steps with the occasional steadying pause, followed by the most exhilarated, proud expressions I've ever seen. He's a smiling collection of goose eggs, scrapes, bruises and bloody lips. However, I had an interesting thing happen yesterday. As Charlie started to tip forward, he reached out and grabbed me to keep his balance. And what exactly did he grab? The skin and flab that some women refer to as batwings. I'll never forget driving behind a Harley-riding woman who was wearing a tank top. At 50-miles-per-hour, she literally had the "wind beneath her wings"; I thought she might just fly away. So Charlie decided the loose part of my underarm steadied him as well as my hand, and kept on walking, dragging me behind him as he happily clung on to something I didn't know existed. It was one of those moments when you think to yourself, "Hmmm. Maybe I'll start lifting weights again."

Little Madeline has been turning on the charm. As I put on mascara the other day, she told my that my eyeballs looked beautiful. And occasionally she'll say, "Mommy, you are the lovely girl ever." I just adore the way those words tumble out, imperfectly perfect. At a restaurant the other day, Charlie was throwing a fit (Yes! It's true! Laid back Charlie turned one and tapped into his inner diva). Madeline emphatically grabbed my arm and said loudly (to ensure that I could hear her over the madness), "Mommy, I have something to tell you!" Pause. Little sweet smile. "I love you." Then she shyly added, "And I like you." And finally, she tells me daily that she's going to put her dolls down for a nap. So this time, I waited till she cleared the stairs and snuck up after her to watch. First she started the lullaby music in Charlie's room, then nursed her doll Olivia in the oversized rocking chair. She threw a handful of her animals into Charlie's crib, flung her little body in after them, and tucked everyone in under his blanket. As she left, she said, "I love you, Olivia. I love you, elephant. I love you, Elmo. I love you, bear. you guys. MMMMwah!" And happily trotted downstairs again. The best part is when I reached in to pull out her "friends" hours later in order to put Charlie down for his nap, I noticed a collection of 12 socks between the crib and the wall. So that's where they've all gone!


The Brown Family said...

What great stories!!! I love them ALL. Can't wait to see Charlie walking and watch all the girls have little conversations in B.C. Miss you!!!

Johanna said...

SO fantastic. I love the things Madeline says! How stinking cute is that?!!