Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Madeline May!

Last weekend, Madeline turned three! The excitement built up for weeks until she was ready to explode. We had a blast! Madeline was very specific about what she wanted, though it changed daily: a butterfly party, a cake with pink frosting ("with one, two, three flowers on it and butterflies on it and Dora candles"), pink balloons and noodles for dinner. Oh, and she wanted to listen to Taylor Swift. Like a miniature Beyonce or Liza Minnelli, there were several wardrobe changes. Could she be a party-planner in the making? The kids painted birdhouses, ate hot dogs and inhaled birthday cake, then attacked the gifts and chased each other around the house until bedtime.

The day before was Madeline's true birthday, so that morning, I hosted a small playdate through my moms club -- four kids came over and we decorated cupcakes on the back deck. That night was really special. Rob left work early for our family birthday party, bringing Madeline a bouquet of flowers -- a tradition he started on her first birthday! We ate corn dogs and ice cream for dinner, then Madeline opened her birthday present from Rob and me: a pink princess bike! She has been fearlessly pedaling around our street in her helmet every day since! One of my favorite moments in the festivities was when I asked Madeline what she would like her birthday dinner to be. She considered the question seriously and answered, "Grits." Now there's a little southern girl for ya'll. And why shouldn't she be? She's already lived in Nashville for more than half of her life!


The Brown Family said...

Hooray for Madeline! What a beautiful cake. Love the photos - she looks SO BIG!!! So cute!!!

Mollie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Madeline!
Megs! I agree with Erin - you should be a professional cake decorator!

Johanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Madeline! Where did the last three years go?! It is IMPOSSIBLE that she is that old!

Katie said...

The picture of Rob with Madeline & her flowers melts my heart. I hope they continue that tradition for 100 more birthdays! How special.