Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot as a Mutha

It's a record high heat day in Middle Tennessee. As a new Tennessee gal, I'm learning that it's a different kind of heat than I'm used to (and it's not like I moved here from Alaska).

It's 95 degrees right now in the shade. The heat index is 108. You can feel sweat drip down your back just walking outside to get the mail, and there's no breeze to wick it away. My underwear are soaked (way too much information, I know). When Madeline takes off her bike helmet, she looks like she just played in the sprinkler.

So why does today have to be the day that the batteries ran out on the thermostat (and who knew that shuts off the air conditioning?) I came upstairs to put the kids down for their nap and the second level of our house had climbed to 85 degrees in an hour's time. Just to add insult to injury, the freon in my car already needs its second refill for the summer. And to make things especially interesting, Rob and I both ran out of deodorant yesterday (what are the chances), and I didn't get to Target until about 4:30pm. I'm sure we were both fresh as daisies.

No real way around it. It's just hot as a mutha.


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