Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Easter Bunny in Maple's Dog Food?

Yesterday morning, when Madeline went into the garage to fill Maple's food bowl, she immediately came back into the kitchen and said in a calm but small voice, "Mommy, I'm kind of scared." When I asked her why, she answered that something was in Maple's dog food bin. My mind flew to the dead mouse Rob found a few weeks ago and hoped I wouldn't have to try to explain life-and-death in the few minutes before we raced off to her four-year-old check up.

At the bottom of the bin right outside our door was a baby bunny....very much alive and curious about the giant faces that kept peering in at it. Madeline and Charlie were so excited! We gently carried the bin to our front yard, and I carefully tipped it to the ground so the bunny could hop out (trying not to bury the bunny in a landslide of dog food). Then we ran inside and watched the scene from our front door. About five minutes later, Madeline shrieked, "Mommy! The bunny just hopped out!" She proudly told her pediatrician that morning that she saved a baby bunny; Charlie was very proud too, saying, "Baby booney!" all day.

Our bunny adventure could not be more timely since Madeline has been very inquisitive about the Easter Bunny lately. In fact, last month, she talked to the Easter Bunny (a preplanned phone conversation with Ning), asking all sorts of practical questions like where does he live, how does he make chocolate bunnies and does he walk on his hind legs? After she hung up, Madeline innocently said, "Mommy, the Easter Bunny sounds just like Ning!" She's been leaving carrots by the front door (just like we leave cookies for Santa) and drawing him pictures ever since. 

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The Brown Family said...

What a fun story and such perfect timing with Easter! Love Madeline's handwritten note, so so sweet.