Monday, March 14, 2011

A St. Louis Roadtrip!

Madeline, Charlie and I had a fabulous visit with my sister, Andi, and her husband, Kyle, in St. Louis. With a little help from our new car's DVD system (I love you Dora the Explorer, even if your shrill voice makes me want to poke my eyes out), the McDonald's playground and an bottomless supply of lollipops, we made the six-hour drive with hardly a peep or protest from the kids. They were total rockstars. It gave me great confidence that I could make more solo trips mid-week while Rob works hard to bring home the bacon.

It was so fun to see how Andi and Kyle have decorated their darling bungalow since their October wedding. Andi made delicious meals and won the kids' hearts with squeeze-able yogurts (they eat a box of eight in one sitting) and homemade cupcakes! We traveled on Tuesday and Thursday, so Wednesday was our only full day; we bundled up and visited the park that borders Andi and Kyle's neighborhood -- feeding the ducks, playing on the playground and going for a long walk. We wore Madeline and Charlie out completely -- in fact, minutes after we were home, Charlie passed out face-down on the living room ottoman. Each night when Kyle came home from work, the kids excitement level would ratchet up to new levels, and he was kind enough to indulge them with lots of tickling and silly play. I'm sure the neighbors could hear their happy squeals.

While we were gone, Rob painted our entryway and woodwork -- what a fun surprise to come home to! And boy were the kids happy to see their daddy. We loved our St. Louis visit -- it was so important to me to make the trip before my pregnancy limits travel, and truthfully, while our growing family still fits in Andi and Kyle's charming two-bedroom home. But not to worry -- there will be lots of future visits since the new baby won't know he or she is sleeping in a closet for at least a year!   


Mollie said...

Wish i could have been there!

The Brown Family said...

So glad the road trip went well! I was thinking of you guys. Such a fun visit!