Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby John is Baptized and Meets his Grandpas!

We had a very special weekend.

On Sunday, we baptized sweet Baby John. After Rob and I took our vows and Pastor Matt touched water to John's head (which he didn't mind one little bit), Matt took him in his arms and walked him all around the room while the congregation, including all the children, sang Jesus Loves Me. John wore the same baptismal outfit that Rob wore 33 years ago, and that Charlie wore when he was baptized. The ceremony was lovely; we're so happy to have promised to raise our little boy in the faith that guides us.

Madeline and Charlie came up front with us -- Charlie ditched the firefighter rain boots that he insisted on wearing with his seersucker suit, and went up barefoot instead. And we all got a kick out of Madeline, who for some reason, shuffled closer and closer to our pastor throughout the ceremony until she was practically standing on his toes.

The entire front row of the church was filled with John's biggest fans. Both of our families flew in to Nashville for the special event. We celebrated afterward with a gorgeous brunch at our house, hosted by my dad and Nancy, with a delicious spread, personalized M&Ms and a fabulous Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar.
And so if the morning wasn't special enough, John also met both of his grandfathers for the first time last weekend.
My sister Andi, who was on call at the hospital where she works, sent John a teddy bear that she made out of the cashmere sweater that my mom gave me years ago. It reminded me of the teddy bear she made for Charlie on his baptism two years ago! 
We had lots more fun as the weekend went on -- a fun breakfast at Dotsons, s'mores around the campfire, a stroll through downtown Franklin and a Cajun feast that Rob's parents treated us to. 

Our house was truly filled with all of life's greatest gifts -- family, faith, love and lots of laughter. 
Papa changing little horseshoes! How they squeal!
Decked out in their new Illini gear from Aunt Nicki
Even Madeline's pet worm (in the cup) joins us for a walk.


The Brown Family said...

So wonderful! I had so much fun reading about your weekend and seeing the updated pics. John has gotten so big! Wow - how the time flies by! Miss you all and congrats to baby John.

Johanna said...

What a special day!!! LOVE the pictures!!!