Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Madeline has been ecstatic waiting for Pre-K to start! So she could hardly believe it when I casually told her on Tuesday afternoon that the next morning was the first day of school. She yelled, "School school school!" on repeat the way only a four-year-old can, and literally made the car sway as she danced in her carseat.

Yesterday morning, she came downstairs and was delighted to find a special sign her daddy made her wishing her a happy first day of school! She had a fun breakfast, then I asked her to get dressed and pick out whatever she wanted to wear, just like I do every single morning. She chose the flower girl dress she wore in Mollie's wedding -- I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to get dressed up for her first day of school! She put on her new ruffled ankle socks, her green Stride Rite tennis shoes and helped me wet her hair so her lovely curls would show. Then we put on a squirt of my perfume so she would feel extra special. I made sure to tell her teacher that anything she wears to school is officially play clothes, so I was happy to see chocolate milk dripped down the front of her at pick up. Messy kids usually equal happy kids. At least that's what I tell myself since mine usually have mulch in their hair and dirt under their fingernails.

Madeline put on her new backpack and proudly marched into her classroom, pausing only to give me a quick kiss and high five, our signature good bye. Charlie was just as excited for her, literally shouting, "Boi-boi, Mimi!! Boiii-Boiiiii!!" I loved that he reassured her that we'd be back, just like I tell him every time I have to leave. He was still shouting bye to Madeline as we drove away from the church.

I wanted Madeline's big day to be just as special for Charlie; afterall, she's his best friend and he's going to miss her. Plus, now he gets to be the big guy for four hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So the boys and I went on a date to Starbucks in downtown Franklin, where he sucked down a kiddie hot cocoa and the organic vanilla milk he helped himself to.

Then, with Johnny in the stroller, we walked half a block to a boutique toy store, where Charlie played for 45 minutes with their train table. Next up, waving to all the firefighters and ambulance drivers in front of the courthouse. Then joy riding up and down in the elevator of the public car garage. We crossed the street, and sat on a step, which he pretended was a firetruck and vividly acted out rescue scenes, insisting that I "climb in" too and eat what he calls firefighter snacks (we pretend to eat a lot of them around here). After a PB&J and chocolate chip cookie at the Swedish bakery, Meridees, we hopped in the car and went to pick up Madeline.

School was a total hit! Madeline had a ball, proudly showing me all her art projects and telling me about how she loved playing on the playground. Her teacher, Mrs. Lynne, told me that Madeline asked that the class call her Mimi!
All the mommys snapped pictures from outside through the window
Joyriding in the parking garage elevator!

Putting out fires in his firetruck
A lunch note
A poster sized note from Daddy!


Johanna said...

LOVE her! What a big day for her and for her mama! :)

Chelsea said...

Awwww... it is so hard to leave them at school the first time, isn't it!? it looks like she did great and loved it, which makes it so much easier. Love that she wanted to wear the bridesmaid dress and perfume too? What a great mommy!!

How fun to have a special date with the boys... :)

The Brown Family said...

How wonderful! I love that she chose her flower girl dress. She looks so grown-up!!! Our girls are getting big, aren't they...
Love that Charlie got a whole morning to be in charge. Gavin would have loved to ride those elevators with him.