Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Kids' First MLB Game!

Madeline, Charlie and John saw their very first Major League Baseball game last weekend! Not only did the Brewers beat the Twins with 20 runs, but our little family was on the Jumbotron! When we came on the big screen, I waved like a maniac (I'm surprised my arm wasn't sore the next day), and Rob bounced John around so he was dancing to the music that was blasting. Madeline and Charlie had no idea that 28,000 people were watching and contently continued eating their frozen lemonade.

Madeline and Charlie loved watching the game; it was cute listening to Rob teach them about baseball. It reminded me of my first game when my dad took me to watch the Red Socks at Fenway in fourth grade. The kids loved watching the sausage race at the bottom of the sixth inning (where a brat, polish sausage, hot dog, Italian sausage and sombrero-wearing chorizo run around the field), and thought the fireworks after Lucroy's home runs were pretty cool.

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The Brown Family said...

So fun - we have GOT to get our kids down to a Cubs game this year. You've inspired me. :) I am having so much fun catching up on your blog, by the way!