Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Wonderful Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was amazing! Charlie and Madeline kept popping up to my room with darling little wake up visits that were intended to help me sleep in. Charlie came upstairs several times with different arrangements of dripping, man-handled flowers that he pulled out of a vase. And at one point, Madeline said, "Mommy, I brought you some bread and water!" like I'd been wandering in the desert...

Waiting for the show to start!
My dad and Ning came over and Sandie, Tom and Nicki drove up from Geneva, so we all got to celebrate together with a beautiful brunch that Rob and the kids prepared from scratch (amazing! I know!). Later that afternoon, the ladies went to see our local elementary school's production of Beauty and the Beast. Afterwards, we went to the beach; the water was in the 40's, but Madeline and Charlie happily waded in up to their waists while John reveled in the sand. As a Mother's Day gift, Rob gave me a lovely necklace with each kids' first initial on it, which I wear every day; Madeline and Charlie love to find the M or the C around my neck.

Madeline worked for weeks leading up to the Mother's Tea at school. Everything was a secret -- she was bursting with excitement. We were asked to dress up, so she and I spent an hour playing in my closet the day before -- Madeline chose my entire outfit head to toe with total confidence. Ning watched the boys that morning so that Mimi and I could have a mother-daughter morning.

The event was adorable, watching 23 kids sing and sign to lyrics about being a flower. There were two distinct highlights: The first was during a slide show, when the teacher asked each child why his or her mother was beautiful. Madeline answered because God made me that way. And later, when asked what my favorite thing to do is, Madeline answered that it's to play with Madeline, Charlie and John -- I was so happy that Madeline knows I love being with her. 

Madeline, Charlie, John and Rob -- you all are a gift! Thank you for making me feel so special and appreciated every day!
Ning had a blast with the boys!
Singing that's she's a flower. Twirling her dress!
Proudly wearing the crown Mimi made me.

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The Brown Family said...

So very sweet! We are lucky moms.