Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Trip to Panama City!

Riding through the Panama Canal on a catamaran
In April, Caterpillar Financial sent me and Rob on a trip to Panama City in Central America! Every day was loaded with amazing excursions, but our favorite by far was riding in a catamaran through several of the Panama Canal's locks. We understood why it's called the Eighth Wonder of the World -- it's really impressive! To think it's 100 years old and connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, that some of the doors are 60 feet thick and that millions of gallons of water swirl away each time they're opened. I thought it was fascinating that the width of the canal was designed to fit the Titanic.

We saw wild monkeys and crocodiles on a speed boat tour, walked Old Town on foot and saw the French and Spanish colonial architecture, ate wonderful local cuisine, and took Rob's dealers out on the town one night (at a swanky rooftop bar with grass and a lap pool, a random polo player in his full uniform and late night street food). The Westin Playa Bonita where we stayed was gorgeous, and during our free afternoons, we loved soaking up the hot sun after a long, hard Wisconsin winter (which was still in progress when we left for the trip). Our last night was a party with a live band and a DJ, mascarade masks and dancing!

The silver lining of leaving such a wonderful trip was that we were so excited to get home to Madeline, Charlie and John! And after an unexpected overnight delay (without luggage) in Newark, we had such a happy reunion. Sandie was absolutely incredible! She kept three young kids on their little schedules, feeling secure and happy as clams. And in the midst of it all, John had figured out how to climb out of his crib and visited her throughout the night. Not to mention Charlie had been in the ER before we left from a bike accident and was still pretty banged up. My dad and Nancy were so helpful too, swooping with meals and kid adventures.

The Bridge of the Americas is behind us
These little trams pull the giant boats through the canal locks
Captain Andy was awesome!
We knew Charlie would love the HUGE ships!
Chetney, Heidi, Kaia, Angela -- The FABCO wives

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Mollie said...

What an amazing trip! I bet you were dearly missed by Madeline, Charlie and John.