Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little bit of Nashville in Rosemary Beach

In early March, almost exactly a year to the day that our plane left Nashville for Milwaukee, I had a wonderful reunion with six of my Southern girlfriends -- we all met up in Rosemary Beach, FL for three nights of total relaxation. The weather was too chilly to swim at the beach, but we did walk in the sand and collect shells, hang out in the hot tub, eat at wonderful restaurants, shop and stay up way too late catching up. We also may have had a two-martini lunch. One of the highlights was when several of us debuted our super tacky gag swim suit cover ups (they came from a company named Beach Bodies. Doesn't that say it all?).

I'm so grateful for the deep friendships I made during my time in Nashville and am thrilled that we continue to make each other a priority. I'm also extremely lucky to have a wonderful husband who sends me off for a little rest and relaxation!
The back side of these were a little racy. We died laughing.

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Anonymous said...

I love Rosemary Beach (remember that's where we were headed when we stopped to see you all in Nashville a few years ago?), it looks like you all had a great time!! Can't believe how grown up your kiddos are, so blessed to have you as their mommy! Joanna