Saturday, February 1, 2014

Having Fun Despite the Cold!

All three on skates!
Yes, it has been a long winter. The 17th coldest on record, but we tried not to let that stop us! We invested in heavy duty outdoor gear, and bought everyone in the family their own pair of ice skates, including John's set with a double blade. Several of the parks by our house created outdoor ice rinks, complete with warming houses; whenever that windchill was bearable, we popped over after school or on the weekends with hockey sticks, pucks and hot cocoa.
We built forts, the kids snowshoe-ed through the yard, we built snowmen, went sledding, and did a lot of driveway shoveling. Rob even tried to make our own ice rink and igloo in the front yard!
Santa brought the kids snowshoes for Christmas!
Even Maple had to get bundled up in her coat and boots.
Madeline got the hang of ice skating almost immediately!
The snow was taller than John!

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