Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun in Whitefish Bay!!!

In the midst of our move preparations, it was so important to me that the kids have as relaxed and fun a summer as possible. And I really think they did! We brainstormed a Summer Fun List, and did almost everything! But we had a lot of help from friends and family, who swooped in to help us while we managed the unbelievable workload of our transfer. Here are the highlights:
Our Summer Fun List, which we hung on the fridge!
For the second year, Madeline and Charlie took two weeks of tennis clinics with all their little friends and Coach Phil. I chatted with my girlfriends and John threw stray balls while we watched.
Charlie played on a relaxed tee-ball team, and it was ADORABLE....the time our family spent together watching Charlie in his little uniform was truly a highlight of being a parent. I know...big statement. But I really enjoyed watching him run around and smack at balls.

Papa rode his bike to watch the game!
Madeline loved her a Fairy Enchantment Camp. She chose it by reading the Rec Guide all by herself, and she loved hanging out with her best friend, Elle, every afternoon. Sandie and the kids went strawberry and pea pod picking, Papa and Ning took the kids to Discovery World several times! And dear friends picked up Madeline and Charlie several times a week to take them swimming, to petting zoos, the Children's Museum and just for lazy, good old-fashioned popsicle play dates.

We also drank Sprecher root beer floats while the kids played in the Bayshore fountains, and in the Slip 'n Slide!
Andi and Kyle's awesome birthday gift to John!
And what a fabulous 4th of July! It had very special meaning this year since we knew we were leaving the States for awhile. We went to my dad and Ning's high rise party to watch the downtown fireworks on the 3rd, and then joined in the Whitefish Bay festivities on the fourth -- gathering candy in the parade, and following the band (as tradition holds) all the way to the lakefront Klode Park, where the food, bands and kids activities are hosted. That night, we watched the fireworks with our dear friends, the Reddens.

The fireworks blew John's mind -- he'd never seen any before!
 We had family picnics, climbed trees, visited with Rob's family and said good-bye to dear friends (his parents threw a Bon Voyage party!), and ate lots and lots of ice cream! It was a great summer in Whitefish Bay!

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