Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two Very Extra Special Visits

We had two very special visits the week before the moving truck pulled in. I could not have been happier or more grateful to see my dear grandma Madeline, who at 93-years-old made the trip from Atlanta; and my beautiful sister, Mollie, and her 15-month old daughter, Evelyn, who came in from Boulder. With Andi, Kyle and Ben all moved in, and naturally, my dad and Ning living in Milwaukee like us, it was a true family reunion! We only wished that Mollie's husband, Kenny, could have joined us too.
The Madelines!
Mollie and Evie!
The time together was a gift. During the day, we went to playgrounds with the babies, took a boat ride on Lake Michigan, and spent time together relaxing at each others houses. In the evenings, we always had dinner together. And at night, when the kids (and my grandma) were in bed, my sisters would come over to my house with Starbucks and help me comb through years worth of stuff in preparation for the packers.
I think Mimi's getting excited to be a big sister!
One sunny morning, we hired a photographer friend of mine to take pictures of us at Klode Beach, near our house. I will treasure these shots forever. (I'll try to post them as soon we download the disk).

One of my favorite evenings -- not just from that week, but in general -- was an impromptu alfresco pizza party we had in the park near Andi's apartment. Everyone kicked off their shoes (little John kicked off his underwear too, to many park-goer's surprise) and just played like we were all kids. It was fabulous. My sisters gave the kids airplane rides, and there were running races, cartwheel competitions, spin-until-your-dizzy contests. Even Charlie-the-Dog, who has since gone to heaven, was there to enjoy.
Another highlight was Jazz in the Park in downtown Milwaukee's Cathedral Park. This became a hard-and-fast Thursday night tradition all summer long during the two years we lived in Milwaukee.
What a memorable visit!

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