Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ning and Patrice Visit Lux!

The fabulous Ning and Patrice came to help us unpack the sea shipment. But when it was delayed, we had a fun-filled vacation instead, and got to be brand new tourists in our own town.
Our first adventure was simply picking them up from the train station. After weeks of waiting, the internet and home alarm technicians showed up on our doorstep unannounced at the very moment we were all about to walk out the door for the Gare. I was coming with the kids to act as the welcome reception; Rob was the muscle to help carry all the extra luggage that Ning and Patrice generously carried over from the States for me. So with the alarm tripped and roaring at deafening volume (all the construction guys across the street came out to see what was going on), Rob had to stay back while I zipped off at the last possible moment to pick them up. The train doors opened, and there stood Ning, Patrice and four giant suitcases. And there on the platform stood 7-month pregnant moi. As we hustled to get the bags off the train before it left the station, John tried to sneak on the TGV.
We had so much fun unzipping Ning and Patrice's suitcases once we made it home! They were filled with fun surprises, all sorts of things I'd bought for the kids to start school, and "necessities" like 12 bottles of Pam cooking spray and pumpkin bread mix! Andi sent along such a fun care package too!
Rob & Kyle have matching flag Brooks Brothers ties!
The following week was amazing! We went to the farmer's market, took a tour of Luxembourg Ville aboard a bright green train, and had gorgeous meals, including Sole Meuliniere, which Julia Child's ate during her first dinner in Paris, at a beautiful restaurant called Place Guillome. One night, we got a sitter and Rob came out to eat with us at a restaurant called Aime la Forchette (translation: Like the Fork) in downtown Luxembourg Ville -- flambe for dessert! One of my favorite afternoons was just sitting on the back patio, eating Brie, Chevre, baguette, and fresh mirabelle jam from the outdoor market while the kids ran around in the grass.

It meant the WORLD to me that Ning and Patrice came to visit! Not only was it a blast, but it was like a love bomb from home.

Looking at the seafood at Place Guillome
The kids and Miss Patrice bonded!

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