Monday, August 18, 2014

The Air Shipment Arrived!! Um, the Air Shipment Arrived......

The air shipment arrived! Unfortunately, it turned out to be pretty anti-climatic. We originally expected the sea shipment only days after the air shipment, but the boat was delayed or over-scheduled, and will now arrive in early September. So the boxes allotted to our air shipment basically became a catch-all for all random stuff that was still around the house after the packers left. 

Half of our delivery was actually empty boxes (to keep things from fall falling en route) -- the unpackers here on this end told us they had never seen that before. What a missed opportunity! The other half included things like: a butcher knife, two metal bars that go in the Pack 'n Play, hardware for a Pottery Barn mobile that hung in John's room, a carpet sample, some wires, a spoon (yep....just one), Madeline's curtain tie-backs, and Brasso metal polish. What I wouldn't give for a simple down pillow and the kids' school lunch boxes!

The upside: Charlie got his Legos. So that kid's life is complete. And our desktop computer is here, as well as wireless speakers. It was awhile before we could use them, since we were waiting for our internet hook up, but now that's set up and it's refreshing to hear some cheerful music and be able to post to the blog again.

Live and learn. We're counting down the days until the sea shipment arrives in Antwerp, clears customs and pulls up to our front door on September 4!
The same exact container that left WI will arrive in Lux!

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